UNBELIEVABLE demographic collapse in Greece!

“UNBELIEVABLE demographic collapse in Greece! Greece’s official and legal population stands at 9,903,268 according to the results of last year’s census (May 2011), made public by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) yesterday, (July 31, 2012)”. Legal (and official) population 2011: 9,903,268 Resident population 2011 (+immigrants): 10,787,690 Legal population 2001: 10,206,539 Resident population 2001 (+immigrants): 10,934,097


About Christos Ghikas

Financial Analyst/Investment Consultant. Strongly interested in Capital/Financial Markets, RES/Energy Project Portfolio Management, Investment and Population Analysis (Economics/Demographics). Ι state that it is better to fight for something than live for nothing. Therefore, life to me is a perpetual fight... Personal Web Profile: http://about.me/ghikaschristos, Personal E-mail: c.ghikas@gmail.com

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