Official Resident Population of Greece: 10,815,197 (Final 2011 Census Results)

“The Official Resident Population of Greece stands at 10,815,197 according to the Final Results of last year’s Population and Housing Census (May 2011), announced by the Hellenic Statistical Authority yesterday (December 28, 2012). Unfortunately, the UNBELIEVABLE and UNPRECEDENTED Demographic Collapse was officially confirmed”.

Resident population 2011 (+immigrants): 10,815,197.
Resident population 2001 (+immigrants): 10,934,097.

Increase rate: -1,0874%

You can find the detailed results of the Resident Population to the level of Municipality and for every administrative division of the country down to the level of “oikismos” (read the related link-Excel file) at the following address:

Particularly, there is all the official information about the resident population as it was announced by the Hellenic Statistical Authority at the levels of Region, Regional Unit, Municipality, Municipal Unit, Local Unit and housing estate.

It is important to mention that the Resident Population of Greece is considered as the official population of the country and according to that number (10,815,197) will be calculated all the related macroeconomic and social indices, data and statistical information (electricity, energy demands etc.).


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