~|GREECE can create the conditions of a strong economic growth through its dynamic tourism industry|~

~| The Greek Tourism Product |~


With more than 16,000 kilometers of coastline, more than 6,000 islands and islets (of which 227 are inhabited), and a well-established tourism industry, Greece presents a prime investment opportunity in the Tourism sector. The country is one of the top global tourist destinations for sun and beach holidays, and also provides very attractive propositions for year-round themed holidays. The competitive advantages of Greece, such as rich cultural heritage, unique natural beauty and geographical variety, have been attracting remarkable tourism investments in recent years, thus further strengthening Greece’s image as an ideal destination both for holidays and tourism-related investments.

Greece attracts more than 22.5 million people each year (the number of international arrivals in 2014 according to the official estimates of the Bank of Greece), contributing about 18% to the nation’s GDP. 

More analytically, tourism directly contributed 17 billion euros in GDP for Greece in 2014, or some 9% of Greece’s total GDP, according to a study released by SETE Intelligence the research department of the Greek Tourism Federation. The study highlighted that its direct and indirect contribution to the economy stands at 20-25% of Greece’s GDP.

~| Greece’s Key Facts |~

Population: 10.8 mil. (2011 official census)

GDP (current prices, 2015): $207.1 bil. (≈186 bil. euros)

Tourism product direct contribution (2014): 17 bil. euros


Even during the recent crisis, the tourist industry in Greece has been one of the mainstays of economic growth and employment, with a continued growth in tourist arrivals and revenues driven mainly by:
• the determined efforts of the Greek tourist authorities and associations to upgrade the tourist product offering
• the development of new key emerging markets such as China, Russia, Turkey and Israel.

The upgrading of the Greek tourism product is considered to be one of the most strategic avenues for a strong, dynamic and sustainable economic growth.

(!) Invest in the future by investing in the Greek tourism sector (!)


-| GREECE |-

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