Concise Personal Profile

My name is Christos P. Ghikas (Xρήστος Π. Γκίκας in GR) and I am a Financial Analyst. I was born, raised and live in the wider metropolitan area of Athens, Greece.

I am strongly interested in Capital/Financial Markets, Financial Engineering, RES Markets, Large-scale Wind and PV Projects Development, Energy Finance, Investment and Population Analysis, Trading Economics and Global Demographics.

Work Experience (duties and key professional activities): Financial Analysis, Business Consultancy, RES Projects Portfolio Management, Large-scale RES (Wind, PV and Biomass) Projects Development, Energy (RES) Project Finance and Coordination, Investment Analysis, Business Plan Elaboration, Capital/Financial Market Analysis mainly in Greek and International Business Consulting Companies of Private Sector.

Education: Professional Certifications in Capital Market Analysis from the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC), M.Sc. in Applied Economics and Finance from Athens University of Economics and Business, B.Sc. in Management Science and Technology (Focus on Quantitative Methods in Economics and Management) from the Department of Management Science & Technology in Athens University of Economics and Business.

I always state the following: “It is better to fight for something than live for nothing. Therefore, life to me is a perpetual fight…

[!] Struggle is the meaning of my life. Struggle itself is my duty [!]
“Aγωνίζομαι, άρα υπάρχω!” (GR)

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